Join us on our next adventure!

Formed almost 16 years ago we have spawned countless campaigns across many game play genres, hosted hundreds of players, dozens of leaders, league/ladder administrators/directors and community mentors and initiatives while catering to all levels of gaming: casual, amateur, semi-pro and professional across three continents.

This time we’re setting out to build two groups on each side of the Atlantic Ocean (Europe and North America) that are interested in participating in the Titanfall environment.

Contact dox directly (dox_cc on Origin) or head over to our join page and fill out the form if you’re interested to find out more and are keen on:

  • Playing with a group of like-minded, mature players
  • Playing with proper teamwork a couple times a week
  • An environment that will deliver both chilled and intense experiences
  • A place where character, camaraderie and integrity are valued amongst all
  • Having fun!


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