Crack Clan

Our Values

Our gaming group operated for almost a quarter of a century. We found that this kind of stability and cohesion was not possible without adhering to several key principles that guided us:

  • Protect the community - every member was bound by an agreement to do exactly this! It can mean many things but above all else it was a call to action so that we actively and mindfully combatted elements that weren't good for the longevity or enjoyment of a group: toxicity, power tripping, negative sentiments and burn out.
  • Organized game play - we callled it "putting on a pair of try pants": an audible used to separate casual play from team effort. We wanted to do both, so we made sure that it happened and that we were all on the same page.
  • Timing matters - most of our membership had careers, families and other responsibilities that required our leisure time to be scheduled. All of our events were placed on a calendar and we respected/expected promptness.

We also authored a multi-paged charter which provided guidance for adding/removing members, managing our atructure and more. The group no longer exists but you can still find veterans from the group in this Discord .