watch out for that train! (red v blu week 2 summary)

Another week has passed with the Crack Clan Red v Blu internal tournament. This week provided similar results with Blue having a commanding lead over Red. There was certainly a lot of fun, teamwork, and communication exhibited, as well as many deaths by train. Another well played game by both sides!

On the European side of action, Red had to once again start with a penalty of minus one point for having to use a ringer.  Blue managed a full roster, and capitalized on the one point advantage.  Shortly into the first round, Red came across some connection problems as well, leaving them with a five man team against the six members of Blue. Red was never able to overcome these odds as blue moved in as a tightly knit unit and wiped out any opposition on its way. Red began to get frustrated, eventually leading to class changes including Engineers, two heavies, and even three scouts at one point which led to another point being lost. Red was, however, extremely effective in holding their final point against several strong pushes by Blue. In the end, Blue was able to win three rounds, leading to a final score of Red -2, Blue 3.

Our North American teams played Monday night due to a lack of attendance on the actual match night. After 30 minutes of gruelling battle, Blue came out on top 4 points to nil. Red did a fantastic job of holding off the last point, but seemingly got sloppy and lost it in attempts to push, leaving the final point unguarded. Blue capitalized on the opportunities and got the caps. Perhaps the best way to summarize the match would be in the words of cc//Hogtyd:

“Good stuff tonight. We as Red could not stop Blu from capping centre at the start; however we were able to regroup and hold our second for longer than we did last week. Although we are not as skilled as our counterparts we are getting better. I think that after a few more matches and more playtime together we will grow as a team.”

Overall, there were two very good games for anyone that missed it. The real victor this week, however, has to be the train. Each side of the pond felt the fury this week, myself included. Eventually we hope to get caught up with some demos and movies for your entertainment. The next matchup promises a change of pace as the teams face off in a Capture the Flag match on Turbine. It’ll be fun to see if strategies are changed to adjust to this style of play. Expect some better competition and even more teamwork and organization to occur later this week in the halls of Turbine! See you there!

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